About Virgin Gorda


Virgin-Gorda-aerialVirgin Gorda (which translates as ‘Fat Virgin’) is a short ferry ride away from Tortola. With a population of approximately 3,500, it is no wonder the friendly and laid-back culture exudes a welcoming spirit.

Spanish Town is the island’s main port and arrival point for ferries from Tortola and Anegada. The Yacht Harbour is an attractive and peaceful marina and centre around which shops, restaurants and offices conduct business.

Blessed with a number of pristine beaches, you can take your pick from Savannah Bay, Pond Bay, Devil’s Bay, Mahoe Bay and Spring Bay and perhaps have the whole beach to yourself!


Copper_MineVirgin Gorda is the site of the geological phenomenon known as the Baths – gigantic boulders strewn from the land into the sea. A stroll through the Baths reveals cool caves, and deep rock pools. Nearby, the Coppermine National Park, is a site of great historical interest where you can visit the remains of the 19th century chimney, boiler house, cistern and mine shafts.




Two nature reserves that should be on your ‘to do’ list are Little Fort National Park, a 36-acre wildlife sanctuary which was the site of a Spanish fort and Gorda Peak National Park the highest point of Virgin Gorda at 1,500ft and a showcase of an abundance of indigenous plants.


There is no shortage of restaurants and bars on Virgin Gorda. The variety of dining styles ranges from typical local fare of stews and patties to gourmet dinners at one of the luxury resorts.